7 Vistaprint Business Card Template Tested and Approved


It’s been a long time since I wanted to talk to you about a good plan for making business cards, because I’ve been using Vistaprint for a few years and I’m very happy with it.

I had my first business cards made when I was a journalist. At the time, I had called on graphic designers and had them printed in a Parisian shop. I was very happy with the result but it was not given!

This time I decided to test a website and I quickly went to Vistaprint, which offered to print everything you need to promote a small business at very attractive prices.

The site offers all kinds of free products to create from pre-established templates (business cards, magnetic plates, ink pads, pens, etc.). Here are some examples of the free business cards that you can order on Vistaprint.

Vistaprint Business Card Template

free vistaprint business card template
free vistaprint business card template
Die cut business cards vistaprint
Die cut business cards vistaprint
elegant great business cards inspiration business card Vistaprint
Custom Standard Business Cards Card Printing Vistaprint
Vistaprint Letterhead Free Business Cards Template Paparazzi

I’ve chosen some fairly neutral designs that fit a blog, but you’ll also find models for specific professions

For my part, like the first time, I preferred to customize my business cards. There are several options: customize a pre-built model, create a graphic by being guided by the creation wizard or download his own model (which I did). The prices are not only attractive but quickly decreasing, which encourages to order a large amount of cards … But be careful because I had eyes bigger than the belly and after a few months, I had to throw a large amount of cards become obsolete!

Vistaprint Luxury Business Card

Initially I thought to buy only business cards (and less!), But you will see that there is an incentive to add other products to the order since they are free!

I have done other orders at Vistaprint since, the last for the blog, and quality has always been there! Here are the business cards and postcards “My Little Discoveries” that I attach to my mailings:

vistaprint business card template

To summarize, that’s why I recommend Vistaprint:

  • it is a site that allows you to quickly create a business card with a professional look by choosing from a multitude of pre-established templates, or to customize the cards by downloading a template
  • it is possible to add many free products to the order
  • new: the site adopts an eco-responsible attitude by offering recycled paper business cards and postcards
  • all for excellent value for money (and to my knowledge unbeatable)!

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Photos of the 7 Vistaprint Business Card Template Tested and Approved